About Laurel

Coaching from the Heart

How It All Began

Laurel’s love of nature as healing medicine was born as a result of spending her childhood summers on her beloved Minnesota lake.  Even though their rustic cottage lacked indoor plumbing and drinking water, outhouses and pumping water were part of the charm of cabin living.  Life was good.  Every day was filled with swimming, boating, water-skiing, fishing, nature hikes and playing with a multitude of cousins.  Life was simple and joyful!  The nature habit took root, as Laurel still weaves beach and nature walks into her daily life and finds nature to be a deep source of healing, inspiration, relaxation and gratitude.

Laurel’s Most Satisfying Role

Through Laurel’s background as an elementary school teacher, she discovered that the most satisfying part of her role was helping kids to embrace their emotions.  After several years of teaching kids, she enrolled in graduate school and earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling. She worked in the field of addiction and realized that kids and adults alike pretty much do the same thing with challenging (aka shadow) emotions.  We push them down.  This awareness has fueled her passion to teach her clients how to enhance wellness by safely embracing unattended emotions in order to mine the rich gold and the life-force energy contained within their shadow emotions.  

Off On A  Spirit-Guided Adventure

In the 1980’s,  Laurel said good-bye to Minnesota and packed her car to venture to Virginia Beach, Virginia, home of the Edgar Cayce headquarters.  She experienced a spiritual awakening as a result of studying the Edgar Cayce readings and she wanted to pursue this path. She was a good fit for the abundance of nature that Virginia Beach has to offer: a beautiful ocean and amazing wooded parks. It turned out to be an excellent decision.  Actually, Virginia is a lot like Minnesota, only a lot warmer! 

 Even though she didn’t know a soul in Virginia Beach, her enthusiasm and her determination kept her motivation strong.  Living near the ocean is healing.  Beach walks give her a sense of power and belonging to something a lot larger than this life.  Her spiritual quest has come alive in Virginia Beach.  

Laurel is strongly committed to maximizing her own body-mind health and that of her clients.  Only a coach who has walked this path can go deeply with others to help them navigate this uncharted territory.  It takes seasoning and skill to walk beside another on the courageous journey to become one’s highest potential.

No Stranger to Grief

Laurel experienced the death of her only child, Tara, when she was almost 2 years old.  In her dreams she saw a fork in the road with the message that indicated she could use this traumatic loss to either empower or disempower her life.  She chose to create an empowered life.  She also lost her mother and her beloved sister simultaneously.  As a result, she understands with deep compassion how to reinvent your life after experiencing life-shattering loss, pain, sorrow and grief. 

Bringing It All Together

Life teaches us that everything in our past builds the foundation for where we are presently. Laurel’s life-long commitment to doing her own inner work, her certification as an EFT “Tapping” practitioner with a background in teaching, MS in counseling, and a 25- year extensive background in energy work including: Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy and Hypnosis, along with her strong intuitive abilities, sets her apart as a highly educated and skillful mentor with laser-like focus– providing you with the highest quality care.

In order to open to healing energies, one must feel safe with their practitioner. Laurel has the compassionate heart along with the intuition, wisdom and experience to assist you to transmute disempowering patterns and limiting beliefs with this highly effective process. This process contains the power to open your heart and awaken your aliveness to embrace your life journey with grace and ease and be the powerful creator that you were designed to be.  

If you resonate with this message, schedule your clarity call to discover whether EFT SoulPath is a good fit for you.     




Laurel is a truly gifted therapist who draws on years of experience in mind, body, spirit healing and practices. Her gentle, intuitive and caring nature creates a safe and comfortable space to address and transform emotional issues and challenging patterns.  I experienced wonderful results and transformation from the EFT sessions and I highly recommend her.

– CAS, Va Beach, VA

I had a huge shift after the tapping with Laurel.  My heart just opened…

– LT, Va Beach, VA