I started working with Laurel due to the paralysis of self-sabotage. As we worked through layers of crippling childhood shame and not good enough,  I experienced the ability to turn self-bullying into self love.  This resulted in taking action quite naturally without force. What a relief!   I am deeply grateful for this effective therapy and Laurel’s gentle and compassionate guiding hand.

– CZ, Va Beach, VA

Laurel’s intuitive abilities along with her background in counseling skillfully support you in feeling safe and valued. She draws you out in a way that invites you to explore deeper layers without ever feeling judged in order to restore confidence.

– AM, Pensacola, Fl

As a result of Laurel’s incredible attention, sensitivity, ability to stay present and keep me feeling safe, I was able to walk into the dark closet of fear and release the unholy lies that have kept me prisoner all these many years, no one is better than Laurel!

– AR, Olympia, WA