Growing up with an over-supply of religious indoctrination has propelled me to sort out what’s true for me from what’s been fed to us for eons as a means of disempowerment.  It’s the age-old manipulation tactic of Keep them fearful so they’re controllable.  

Ultimately, we live in a benefic universe where we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We all have an ego side (aka ‘devil’ in Christian vernacular) along with our Higher Self (aka Supreme Energy or God-self).  I think of God as akin to the sun. Without exception, it shares its light with everyone unconditionally.    

It’s a slippery slope to anthropomorphize Supreme Energy.  In other words, giving God human qualities to decide that we should be punished for something we did or didn’t do—adding insult to injury.  Does the sun really care if we’re angry at it?  Hardly.  It just keeps shining and sharing its light with us unconditionally; kind of like our beloved faithful pets!

Another miscalculation is the word ‘sin’.  Sin is an old archer term that means ‘missing the mark.’  However, the religious patriarchy has brainwashed us to think we’re lowly and powerless ‘sinners,’ born with a stain on our souls called original sin.  Really?  Can you imagine anything more innocent and pure than a newborn? Again, another set-up for manipulation and control.

Blame is a normal ego response to feeling wronged.  I have found that the best way to quell my blame is to just allow myself to have it without guilt or shame.  Supreme energy is not going to care.  In fact, it’s going to just keep on shining its love and light upon all of us, loving us back to wholeness. 

I have just laid out the foundation for the God I believe in.  A Supreme Energy that truly is all loving and unconditional as we grapple with the very difficult challenges that earth school holds for us, like the loss of our precious children.  

Since I have been  living as if life is happening for me and not to me, my grief  is healing as I’m letting the Sun light in.  My God is Supreme Energy that neither caused my child’s death nor causes chaos the world. My God is the steady, quiet pulse of love that is ever present for all of us, always here to help us mend our broken hearts.  

Get really quiet and tune-in.  You just might feel it too~

                        ~Laurel Brookes, March 23, 2022