Hope After Child Loss

Support, Courage, Peace


EFT Grief Support Group

There’s often a kind of ‘magic’ that happens in grief support when we come together with Kindred Spirits who are on the Hope after child loss path. This creates a feeling of safety—a feeling like, “these folks get me. I feel like I belong here.” Even though this is a group that no parent ever wants to be in, there is a feeling of gratitude for being here.

One of the things that worsens grief is isolation. Group support is the remedy for isolation.

EFT grief support is unique in that we use Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping as a way to lower your stress response. A lowered stress response helps to ease your level of stress and grief.

In EFT Grief Support, we hold sacred space for you to be exactly where you’re at with no judgment or advice from the group. This gives you the important message that you matter and you are not alone. The safety of this group is based upon the agreed confidentiality of all group participants.

Sessions meet exclusively on Zoom. All Sessions are recorded for your review. (to maintain confidentiality, no
group members show up in recordings)


Individual Sessions





Dolphin Mentoring is an individual mentoring program spanning a 3 month commitment.

We meet together twice a month on zoom for 3 months or 6 sessions.  Sessions are one hour +.  If needed, you will have access to Laurel’s support between sessions by email.

Dolphin Symbolism and Meaning

The dolphin is symbolic of rebirth and renewal that happens in the healthy grief process, when difficult emotions are honored.  

The dolphin spirit animal is an aid to those who need to bring more lightness in to their lives after the heaviness of child-loss.  Dolphin also helps you reconnect to nature on an intimate level, allowing you to hear its messages and align with its deep healing balm.

Dolphins represent peace and are also a symbol of love. The spirit animal dolphin makes its presence felt to those who need to find their inner child once more.

It is important to reconnect your inner child with play again after the trauma of child loss.                                

– Adapted from:


If you resonate with Dolphin Mentoring, schedule a clarity call to determine if this 6 session program is a good fit for you.   Have a question, email Laurel


Eagle mentoring is individual mentoring spanning a 6 month commitment.

We meet together twice a month on Zoom for 6 months or 12 sessions.  Sessions are one hour.  If needed, you will have access to Laurel’s support between sessions by email.

Eagle Symbolism and Meaning

Eagle’s meaning is one of power and resilience. It is the spirit’s message and our connection with divinity because eagle flies higher than any other bird.

Eagle symbolizes rebirth, dawn, direction and renewed life for us. The eagle’s significance is particularly characteristic of new beginnings, resilience, and stamina for those who have been experiencing difficult passages in life. The symbolism of the eagle makes you realize the importance of truthful principles and integrity. When you are on a journey of recreating your life, you will benefit tremendously by calling upon the eagle symbolism first. The eagle represents leadership and authority, and those who resonate with eagle are born to be leaders and high achievers, expanding their self-discoveries and striving to reach greater personal freedom. If you adopt the eagle symbolism in life, the sky is your limit, and there is nothing ever that can stop you from pushing your limits.
– Adapted from


If you resonate with this 12 session Eagle Mentoring Program, schedule a clarity call to determine if this program is a good fit for you.  Have a question, email Laurel


Turtle mentoring is individual mentoring spanning a 9 month commitment.

We meet together twice a month on zoom for 9 months or 18 sessions.  Sessions are one hour +.  If needed, you will have access to Laurel’s support between sessions by email.

Turtle Symbolism and Meaning

In the process of creating, there are two energies that are needed to foster growth. These are the fast pace of intuition and imagination matched with the slow pace of action and forward movement. Turtles are very attuned to these dualistic energies, being creatures that function in both water and on land. If our creative energies are out of sync, our progress in life can seem slow and frustrating.  It can feel easier to retreat into our protective shell, instead of doing the hard work to get to where we need to go.  

Turtle energy encourages you to establish a routine that blends these two energies in order to create a life of well-being. In this sense, turtles also represent the strength of your mindset to keep moving forward no matter what gets in your way. This can be seen in turtle’s determination to keep walking with a heavy shell on its back, even though it takes tremendous effort and slow forward motion. Remember, with turtle medicine slow & steady wins the ‘race’.
– Adapted from

If you resonate with this 18 session Turtle Mentoring Program, schedule a clarity call to determine if this program is a good fit for you.

Will Hope After Child Loss work for me?

Whatever trek you resonate with, what it takes to be successful with this journey demands:

  • Willingness to make changes to enhance self-care on all levels: body, mind and spirit.
  • Willingness to ‘meet’ your resistance with courage
  • Willingness to challenge your comfort zone
  • A deep desire to reach your highest potential however you define it
  • A willingness to venture into your past emotional terrain with vulnerability and trust. This can seem daunting initially, but with persistence you will begin to notice some amazing changes happening in your life. This will give you the courage to persist in order to mine the gold held within your most deeply hidden emotions.
  • The ability to stay the course when the going gets tough. The reward is freedom from self-sabotage that has kept you stuck and spinning in a cycle of self-doubt and overwhelming grief.

Clarity Call Session for Dolphin, Eagle or Turtle Mentoring

What will happen in the Clarity Call Session?

  • You will get crystal clear on your goals–short and long-term
  • You will receive clarity on the biggest obstacles that are stopping you
  • You will receive clarity on exactly what you should focus on to move forward
  • You will be given the best recommendation for your next steps
  • You will be provided with an honest evaluation on what is possible for you based upon your willingness and your goals.




Laurel brings to each session a caring presence and a heart centered compassion for whatever is presented to her. She listens to the words being said as well as the underlying energy that may be causing distress in one’s life.  Her capacity for seeing through to the underlying dynamics of a situation is quite amazing and always beneficial.  She communicates with ease, always offering a fresh perspective on what may seem like old, stuck issues.  The guidance provided is consistent with the highest good of her client and she is always open to feedback and questions that may arise.  

Laurel has shown repeatedly she is a person one can trust, a necessary quality for any person in a helping position. 

–  CV, Cary NC

Laurel provides spirit guided coaching that creates a safe space from which to expand your awareness, heighten your intuition and connect with your divine guidance.  As Laurel asks you questions her highly sensitive nature activates your inner deep knowing and helps you connect with your own intuition. Laurel can, after a short period of time spent with you, transmit the exact information you need to activate parts of your spirit and uncover your authentic voice. She is a master at helping you focus and sort through the noise so you have a clear channel of communication with your higher self. 

– MP, Pensacola, FL

Laurel IS the real deal!  Her kind heart and God-given gifts are immediately apparent.  As many others, I have worked hard to find the ‘inner peace’ that everyone talks about (ex. books, videos, seminars).  Laurel was instrumental in helping me find that inner peace through guided imagery, EFT ‘tapping’ and good old fashion love.  There is no quick fix.  The peace is already in us — Laurel helps us dig deep to replace the old patterns of thinking in the 95% of our brain’s subconscious mind and replace them with self-love and yes, peace.”

– BP Richmond, VA  

I’ve had EFT sessions with others, and tried it on my own, as well. I always say that with Laurel Brookes, it’s more than EFT, its ENHANCED EFT…you get EFT and a genius of a therapist who has the grace to be a gentle guide in the darkness of your suffering and make it safe to cross over into the light of joy and freedom.

 I only wish I could say more eloquently how profoundly grateful I am for the positive changes that have come to my life during this time of working  with Laurel.  I am no longer angry at my parents.  Unbelievable!  For any hesitant person, just do it. You’ll feel the safety, gentleness and precision of her work. She’s an EFT Master!” 

– HL, Tacoma WA